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  • Saddle Bum Bags

    Just the thing for holding your insect repellent, sunscreen, beef jerky, scarf; anything you might need at hand when out on your ride. These high quality Saddle Bum Bags are available in four standard colours and are made with our heavy duty 365gsm (12oz) canvas and top-of-the-range YKK *tm10 gauge zip. They are available with or without an external pocket and measure L400mm x W180mm x H180mm. Green Grey Blue Burgundy
  • A handy feed bucket for the stable, float, paddock or campsite. This Nose/Feed Bag is a great way to give your horse its own feed especially if you don't want your horse's companions to share the diet! Snowy Mountain Outdoor Centre's recognised workmanship means this heavy duty 365gsm (12oz) canvas bag is comfortable for the horse to wear and it folds up for easy storage.
  • Saddle Cloth

    These superb quality saddle cloths have been one of our most popular items ever made on-site here at Snowy Mountain Outdoor Centre. The Saddle Cloths are comfortable for the horse and are long-wearing. They are made from a kersey wool outer which is filled with all-natural fibres. This ensures greater absorption of sweat and aids in keeping the horse's back irritation-free. Double thickness saddlecloths are available in medium and large sizes for horses with high withers that need extra padding under the saddle for comfort.
  • Collapsible Water Bucket

    This space-saving collapsible water bucket is made from heavy duty 365gsm (12oz) canvas with a steel rim and is available in two handy sizes. Ideal for trekking and providing a water container in a temporary yard overnight. Great for pets too.  
  • Saddle Bag

    Our Saddle Bag is worth every bit of its 400gm weight. Heavy duty, waterproof 365gsm (12oz) canvas with press studs to close the flaps. It is easy for the rider to access, has two sides and attaches to either the front or the rear of your saddle with D Rings. This Saddle Bag is great for holding your lunch, drinks, jacket, maps, hoof pick or anything else you need on the ride. Best of all, it is very comfortable for your horse too. Available in your choice from 2 sizes and 4 colours.
  • Hay Bale Bag

    No more bits of hay or hay seeds in the back of your vehicle. Our Hay Bale Bag is made from durable poly tarp to prevent hay seeds from penetrating and the top flaps fold across to fasten with Velcro*tm which prevents hay from spilling out. These bags are designed to be easily big enough to fit either a full or half square bale and is nicely balanced for easy carrying with the 50mm webbing handles. Available in full or half bale sizes.
  • This saddlery gear bag will fit your Western or Stock saddle when travelling and is versatile and large enough to be used to store things like your horse rugs, blankets or even your clothing. Snowy Mountain Outdoor Centre is renowned for quality workmanship using top-of-the-range fabrics, straps, fasteners and zips. This Large Gear Bag is no exception. Manufactured using heavy-duty PVC, and the famous YKK 10 gauge zip, it is made to last.
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